Custom Attributes - What does Data Validation do?

Administrators have the option to enable a Data Validation Form which will allow email-based users who have been targeted with a Direct Access course to review and update their Custom Attributes before starting a course.

  • Administrators can enable the Data Validation Form within the 'End Users & Administrators' view of the 'Custom Attributes' page, along with presenting a short message to the end user before reviewing the form.


  • Below is an example of how the Data Validation Form will display to users before starting a Direct Access course.


  • Once the questions have been answered/validated, users will be navigated to the course after clicking the 'Confirm Details' button.

Please note: Only dropdown-type Custom Attributes will be presented to users when completing the Data Validation form. Free-text Custom Attributes created within the 'Administrators Only' view will not be presented.

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