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  • Stephen Crumley created an article,

    Understanding New Joiner Risk Scores & Risk Scores of 100

    Why do new joiners have a risk score of 100? You may notice that some new joiners initially appear with a risk score of 100. This is a common scenario and can be easily explained. Lack of engagem...

  • Stephen Crumley created an article,

    What does 'Generate a template' do?

    'Generate a template' enhances MetaCompliance's admin usability by generating a recommended course based of several filters. This feature is available only for Premium Plus customers. To use 'Gen...

  • Stephen Crumley created an article,

    Employee Risk Scores FAQs

    What is a 'risk factor'? A risk factor is any behavior or action that can influence the likelihood of an employee becoming a security threat to the organisation. Risk factors are used to assess the...

  • Stephen Crumley created an article,

    Best practice approach when enabling Risk Scores

    When enabling risk scores, we recommend a controlled roll-out using the phases outlined below. Phase 1 - Enable the admin dashboard only On Day 1, enable the admin dashboard within Settings > Compa...

  • Stephen Crumley created an article,

    Key considerations before enabling Employee Risk Scores

    The Employee Risk Scores & Engagement Dashboard is designed to empower our customers with managing and mitigating their employee cyber risks effectively. By combining different risk factors, the ri...

  • Stephen Crumley created an article,

    Transitioning to a local CDN for fonts

    We're excited to announce an update to our website's font delivery system. In our ongoing efforts to enhance performance, security and user experience, we've made the decision to transition from re...

  • Stephen Crumley created an article,

    How to use 'Bulk Select Targets'

    A 'Bulk Select Users' button can be found within the 'Target' tab of the Policy, Survey, Learning, Phish and Campaign modules. This feature can be used to automatically select users for targeting, ...

  • Stephen Crumley created an article,

    What does 'Bulk Select Targets' do?

    When it comes to targeting users with content, administrators often encounter the need to perform bulk selection of their users. This feature can be particularly useful for larger organisations tha...

  • Stephen Crumley created an article,

    How 'Session Timeout' works

    To enable session management, please navigate to Settings > Company Edit > System Settings > Set Session Timeout Period.   Setting Session Timeout Period By default, the setting will display 'No Se...

  • Stephen Crumley created an article,

    Best practice when using Session Timeout

    Session Timeout is a delicate dance between ensuring your information remains private and providing a seamless online experience for your end users who will be completing content on the platform. B...