What is the 'Category Overview Report'?

The Category Overview Report calculates the content assigned to a category or sub category.

One use for this report is to demonstrate compliance to auditors for Standards, such as ISO27001 or PCI DSS, or for your MyCompliance Organisational Categories.

  • To access the report, click on Reporting > Usage > Category Reporting.
  • Please note: Business users may have a limited view of this report depending on which permissions have been assigned to their user account.

The report has 3 filters to allow you to select a Standard from those listed below:

  1. Organisational Categories
  2. ISO27001


  • By default, organisational categories will appear first, and the report will display the list of categories and sub categories, along with the number of published Policies, Assessments, Courses and Phish assigned to each category. 
  • You now have the ability to filter the categories by using the 'filter' option at the top-left of the report:


  • Clicking on the numbers within each column will drill down to a filtered view of the Overview Report, showing the completion stats against the content that the categories are assigned to. 


  • See below for a filtered view of the Overview Report. In addition, please refer to this article for further information: Platform Overview Reports.


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