MyCompliance User Provisioning

User Provisioning provides the ability to create, read, update or delete user accounts and their profiles across IT Infrastructure and the MyCompliance platform.

Customers using Azure AD (or Okta) as an identity provider can synchronise users and groups to the platform.

  • All management of Users & Groups will be handled within a customer’s Azure AD or Okta environment.
  • You will also have the capability within your identity provider to determine which users and groups are synchronised into the MyCompliance platform based on required filters and conditions.

Once synchronised, MyCompliance can seamlessly integrate with Azure AD and Okta to allow users to access the MyCompliance platform using their organisational credentials.

  • The authentication process is claims based. 

Upon the user accessing the application, they will be redirected to their Azure AD (or Okta) to complete the authentication process. 

  • Once authenticated, they are then passed back to the application, whereby they will be authorised for access based on their claims, i.e. email and user principal name.
  • This process can be made seamless with the correct IDP configuration.


Azure Active Directory Integration

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s multi-tenant, cloud-based directory and Identity Management service. Azure AD combines core directory services, advanced identity governance and application access management.

  • The MyCompliance application can be populated with user identities using an Azure Active Directory SCIM API.
  • User identities or user groups are synchronised via the MyCompliance Enterprise application, providing an all cloud-based solution for both user authentication and user identity management.

Okta Integration

MyCompliance can also seamlessly integrate with Okta to allow users to access the MyCompliance platform.

  • The authentication process is claims based and is the same as that used by Okta, i.e. whereby the user accesses the application which, in turn, authenticates with the user's Okta instance to grant access.

MyCompliance supports the automated provisioning of user accounts via the SCIM protocol. Your Okta instance may include this functionality, which will remove the administrative effort involved in the upkeep of user onboarding and offboarding. 

  • It should be noted that the User Provisioning functionality requires a Lifecycle Management licence from Okta.

For further information on how to avail of this service, feel free to speak to your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team.

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