How do I add DSAR attachments? (Handover Information)

Once the relevant information has been collected, reviewed and signed-off, the document(s) can be uploaded into the DSAR Attachment register by clicking Privacy > Data Subject Request > Attachments

  • You will now be presented with a table which lists any existing attachments, if any. 
  • Click on Actions > Create New to complete the relevant fields and upload the Handover document.


  • Next, you need to link the attachment record to the related DSAR record. To do this, click on the 'Related Items' tab, and search for and click on the relevant requester name. 
  • Now, select Add Register Link, followed by Save


  • Finally, if you have any other Handover documents to upload, just follow the same steps above. 

To find out how to complete a request, please see article What happens when I complete a DSAR?

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