What is a 'Register'?

A 'register' is a storage area made up of records and is really seen as the core of MetaPrivacy. Each record includes information (fields) about a particular record. MetaPrivacy has separate registers that can be used independently, or can have 'Related Items' and 'Relationships' between records in other registers.

For example, many customers would relate records within the Third Party Register to one or multiple records in the Business System Register.

The example below shows how Microsoft Corporation (a Third Party) can have Microsoft Office (a Business System) as a related item, but can also relate to records in other registers such as processing activities. 


Registers are prepopulated with a variety of fields for customers to use out of the box; however, registers and their fields can be customised to suit your organisational needs. 

For more information on customising registers, please refer to article: What is 'Register Management'?


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