Business User Management (Advanced) Permission Overview

The Business User (Advanced) Permission provides Business Users with the ability to add, edit & disable Email-Based (including Federated) Users within User Management for their assigned User Groups.


The advantage of using this permission means that platform administrators do not have to manage large user lists on a spreadsheet which can be time consuming.

  • Administrators can provide access to several Business Users to control the onboarding, updating and offboarding of users that they manage within their assigned user groups.
  • This permission is suitable for larger organisations that require separate business users to manage a different country/entity/business area. 

See an example diagram below showing how business users can manage an organisation that is separated by different countries (User Groups). 



Additional Notes (in relation to this permission)

1. Platform Administrators are responsible for:

  • Creation & management of the User Groups
  • Creation of new Business Users
  • Assigning Business Users with the relevant permissions, categories & user groups

2.  Business Users are responsible for:

  • Single Add Users via User Management to their assigned User Groups
  • Single Disable User via User Management from their assigned User Groups
  • Single Edit User via User Management from their assigned User Groups
  • Bulk Add, Edit & Disable Users via spreadsheet from their assigned User Groups
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