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Business User Management (Advanced) Permission - Bulk Upload Types Guidance

The following article provides Business Users with additional guidance for Bulk Upload Types, but only applies to those Business Users who have been assigned with the 'Business User Management (Advanced)' permission. 


Adding New Users Guidance


When using the 'New Users' Bulk Upload Type:

  • New Users added to the spreadsheet will be added to the platform along with Email, Department, Group Name, Supervisor, Supervisor Manager and Custom Attributes (if applicable).
  • New Users added to the spreadsheet are targeted to any content that has been assigned to their Department/Group names.

'Replace Existing User List' Guidance


Adding Users

  • If a new user has been added to the spreadsheet, they are added to the platform and targeted to any content that has been assigned to their Department/Group names.

Updating Users

  • If user info, such as Name or Custom Attributes, has been updated on the spreadsheet, it will, upon upload, be updated within the platform.
  • If users have been manually added to a group via the platform (User Management > Users > Groups), they must be manually removed from the group. Replace existing user list via bulk upload will not remove manually added users from their groups. 
  • If an existing user exists on the spreadsheet, and changes have been made to their Department/Group Name, they are then de-targeted from any content assigned to the previous Department/Group Name and are instead targeted to any new content that has been assigned to their new Department/Group Name.

Removing Users - If a User does not exist in the uploaded spreadsheet:

  • The user is disabled.
  • All user group assignment is removed (bulk uploaded and manual assignment).
  • All content that was targeted to them is removed.
  • The user will be removed from Business User view. Administrators will be able to re-enable users again and assign them back to the relevant user groups.