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  • Laura Wade created an article,

    MetaRisk Webinar Recap and Q&A 29th May 2024

    Welcome to our webinar recap page! On the 29th of May, we hosted an online session introducing MetaRisk, our latest tool designed to enhance Cyber Awareness and Risk Management. About the Webinar D...

  • Laura Wade created an article,

    MetaCompliance - Available Blogs

    Stay ahead of cyber threats and trends with our comprehensive blog post area: MetaCompliance Blogs Dive into the latest insights, analysis, and expert advice curated by our team of cybersecurity pr...

  • Laura Wade created an article,

    7 Steps to consider when launching a Campaign

    Step 1: Has an Internal Comms been sent to staff? Did it include the following? Instructions on how the users will access the platform. What sender address to expect notification emails from. Have...

  • Laura Wade created an article,

    How do I choose the right training?

    We have handpicked a number of videos, interactions, quizzes and other additional elements that can help when deciding which training content to use in an eLearning Fusion course. Phishing ...

  • Laura Wade created an article,

    How do I navigate the platform as an end user?

    When you log in to MetaCompliance, you will be notified of any Policies, Surveys or Courses that you still have outstanding via the following pop-up: To directly access any of these, simply click...

  • Laura Wade created an article,

    How do I send Campaign content to end users?

    To send content to a user, you must first create that piece of content, whether it be a Policy, Survey, Phish, Course or Blog.  When the content has been created, you must select it from the 'Choos...

  • Laura Wade created an article,

    How do I set my users up on the platform?

    There are a few ways in which users can be added to the platform. Email Bulk Upload: A user list (CSV or Excel) can be uploaded onto the platform. This list includes the details of each user, e.g...

  • Laura Wade created an article,

    What are 'Participation Points'?

    Participation Points are awarded to users upon completion of content. They are visible within the Audits in reporting for individual users for each individual training session, and each user’s tota...

  • Laura Wade created an article,

    What will an end user see when they log in?

    When an end user accesses the portal, they will be presented with the following screen: From the end user's portal, each user will be able to access their outstanding training, assessments and po...

  • Laura Wade created an article,

    How can I switch on Email Reminders?

    Automatic weekly reminder emails can be sent from the platform to users who have not completed published content.  To increase reminders, navigate to Settings > Notifications > Alerts.  You can th...