Register Reporting – How to customise a Report

Once you have created a report, the columns (fields) that are displayed within that report can be customised by clicking the 'Column Visibility' button.


  • The first 10 fields of the main register will display by default.
  • Clicking on the field name will either add (highlighted in blue) or remove the field from the report. 


  • If you have added any related registers to the report, you can find them by scrolling to the right of the 'Show/Hide Columns' pop-up model.
  • Additional fields that belong to a related register will be labelled with initials of the register name in brackets. This allows you to identify the fields that belong to a particular register. See the example below of fields from the Business System register starting with '(BS)'.
  • Click away from the pop-up model return to the report.


  • Once you have added the desired fields to the report, you will have the ability to reorder them by clicking and dragging the report column name into the relevant position.



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