What does the 'Assessment Generator' button do?

The Assessment Generator button (found on Step 2 within a program) provides customers with the ability to pull the data from our Privacy Register records and display the responses within a generated Privacy Assessment for the Record Owners to review.


A typical use case for this feature would be for customers who have imported or manually added their records to the Privacy registers and who would then like to resend that information via Privacy Assessments to the Record Owners/Creators; for example, customers who would like to review their imported processing activities on an annual basis.

This feature includes a clever Summary View option, which allows users to quickly view a snapshot of their responses so that they can determine if any changes are required before proceeding to the Privacy Assessment.


Benefits of using the Assessment Generator feature:

  • Excludes the need to provide Record Owners with the enhanced 'Data Champion' permission to update their records.
  • A more friendly user-experience for Record Owners to update their records.  
  • Ability for Admins to generate an assessment for one or multiple Register Records to individuals.
  • Automatic email notifications to Record Owners and reviewers.
  • Ability to provide Record Owners with a Summary View of their data which can be marked with 'No Changes'. 
  • If changes are required to the record, register data is presented within a Privacy Assessment for Record Owners to review and update.
  • Provides the ability to display question text, description and Guidance Notes, along with a logical workflow for Record Owners when reviewing/updating their data.
  • Allows imported or manually added records to be brought through the Privacy Assessment Review Process. 
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