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What is the purpose of the 'Translated Name' option?

The 'Translated Name' option is the information presented to the end user for MP4 and PDF material when completing a Fusion Course.

It is mandatory to enter the Name of the material first - required for the following reasons:

  1. The Name is the unique identifier that links the related material together in their selected languages.
  2. Where a video has been uploaded into multiple languages, the Name should remain the same; however, the Translated Name should reflect the language selected during the upload.

Below is an example of the information required when uploading the MetaCompliance MP4 ‘Email Essentials’ in 5 languages:



Translated Name


Email Essentials

Email Essentials


Email Essentials

Principes à suivre pour les e-mails


Email Essentials

Principios básicos del correo electrónico


Email Essentials



Email Essentials

Consigli essenziali sulle e-mail

  • In the example above, when creating a Fusion Course, the MP4 will be available for selection by the Administrator under the ‘My Elements’ drop-down as Email Essentials.
  • However, if the Administrator has added the listed 5 languages to the course, the video will appear to the end user within the Fusion course menu using the Translated Name (see example below).