Which email template should I customise for the 'Uncompliant' user notification?

If you are struggling with adoption, even after your end users have received all of their automated reminders, you can then manually trigger an 'Uncompliant Email'. This email will send to all targeted users who have still not completed the assigned content, e.g. Policy/Survey/Course.

For guidance on how to set this up, please view the relevant Knowledge Article below:

You can also customise this Uncompliant Email, e.g. to reinforce the message content or to include your own organisation's branding. To do so, simply follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to Tools > Notifications > Email Templates.
  • Choose the required template from the drop-down, as shown:


  • Please note: As there are 2 different email templates for 'Uncompliant Users Notifications', please¬†ensure you have customised the correct one:


  1. 'Uncompliant Unregistered Users Notification': This is for those users who are not yet registered on the platform, e.g. Email-based users who have been allowed Direct Access.
  2. 'UncompliantUsersNotification': For those users who are registered to the platform, e.g. users who are synchronised from Active Directory, Federated Users, or users who have Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled.

For further guidance on how you can increase adoption and User engagement, please review the related article below:

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