What is the DSAR Requester Communication page'?

The DSAR Requester Communication page is a web page that is automatically made available to requesters once their Data Subject Request has been raised via the online DSAR Web Form.

Once a request has been submitted, the requester will receive an email to notify them that their request has been successfully received by the organisation. This email will also include a link to the Requester Communication page.

For future information on DSAR emails, please see the following article - Which automated emails are sent via the DSAR module?

The Requester Communication page will allow the user to:

  • view the date their request was raised;
  • see the status of their request;
  • view their rights as a data subject;
  • view chat messages that have been submitted by the organisation;
  • reply to chat messages;
  • access their handover documents once their request has been completed by the organisation.


Please note: Customers do not have the option to customise this web page.

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