How to create a Survey

  • To begin creating your Survey, you first need to log in to the MyCompliance platform and toggle from End User View to Admin View


  • Next, navigate to Policy > Survey Creation:


  • The 'Survey' creation tool will open with several tabs to complete. 


Under the 'Survey' tab:

  • Enter the Name and Description of your Survey. 
  • Select Create as Attached Survey if you would like to attach to a Policy. 
  • Select Mandatory/Optional. (Note: This cannot be amended after publication. If you would like to test user understanding of a policy, ensure you have selected 'Mandatory' as this will prevent the user from accepting your Policy without completing the Survey and achieving the desired pass mark.) 
  • Select the Survey Type Classification - 'Opinion', 'Test' or 'Register'.
  • If you have selected Test, enter the required pass mark.

Under the 'Add Questions' tab: 

  • Select the Question Type. (Under 'Multiple Choice', remember to select Single Correct Answer if applicable. 
  • Add the desired number of questions and answers.


  • No further tabs will populate if you have selected the 'Create as Attached Survey' checkbox. 


  • If you are publishing a standalone Survey, you will have further tabs to complete:


  • Clicking the 'Response Options' tab will give you the option to present your users with additional buttons to either 'Refuse to Take' or 'Request Exemption' from the Survey. 


  • Under the 'Target' tab, you can target the desired users or groups with the content:


  • Under the 'Email' tab, customise the email alert sent to users notifying them that a Survey is awaiting their response. 


  • You have the option to 'Send Now' or 'Send Later'. If you choose 'Send Later', the Survey will be available for publication via Policy > Policies In Progress > Survey.
  • When you have completed your Survey, click Publish. Your Survey will now be delivered to all targeted users for completion. 
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