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How Do I Update the Creator/Owner of a Record?

When a user first creates a record via a register, they will automatically be assigned as the Record Creator.  However, the Record Creator may need to be reassigned to another user at times. 

Updating the Record Creator is especially useful for those users with the 'Data Champion' permission, as they will only see records within the registers that they are the owner of.

To update the Owner/Creator of a record:

  • Navigate to Privacy>Registers, and open the relevant register.
  • Next, click the Edit button beside the record that you wish to update.
  • Find the Record Creator field on the 'General' tab, and delete the email address of the old Creator by clicking the 'X' button.
  • Finally, enter the email address of the new Owner, remembering to click the '+' button to the right of the email before saving the record.

Once saved, the Owner of the record will be reassigned.  Those users with the 'Data Champion' permission will now see this record in their Register View.