What is the 'Incident Dashboard'?

The Incident Dashboard is a graphical, interactive dashboard that allows administrators to drill through into deeper reports. 

  • To access the dashboard, click Incident>Dashboard.


The dashboard consists of 4 popular reports that allow administrators to see a visual representation of their Reported Incidents. The reports included in this dashboard are:

  1. Number of Incidents per State: Pie chart showing the status percentage of each Incident.
  2. Top 10 Incident Types: Half 'doughnut' chart showing the percentages for the top 10 types of Reported Incidents.
  3. Number of Incidents Raised per Month: Bar chart showing how many Incidents have been reported over the past 12 months.
  4. Number of Incidents per Severity: Pie chart showing the percentage of Incidents as per their severity. 


  • More information is displayed when you hover over the chart segments, showing the percentage and number of Incidents that are included within that segment. 


  • Clicking on the segments will drill down to a more detailed report that can be customised further via the 'Show/Hide Columns' button and exported to Excel.


Please note: Exporting to Excel is not available for the 'Number of Reported Incidents per Month' drill-through; however, a similar report can be generated and saved by accessing Reporting > Incident > Incident Reporting.

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