What is the register 'Record History'?

Record History provides customers with a full audit trail of the record, and is available as the last tab within each register record.

  • The Record History table will display the previous and new responses for register fields, along with timestamps and the email of the user(s) who made the updates.
  • It can also be searched and filtered per column, as well as be exported to either CSV/Excel.

Record History columns

  • Change Area: States if the primary register field or a Related Item has been updated.
  • Field/Related Item Updated: Displays which primary register field has been updated, or which Related Item register has been updated.
  • Field Type: Displays which type of field has been updated, i.e. single select, multi-select or free text.
  • Previous Response: If the field or Related Item holds data and is updated at a later time, this column will display the previous response for the field. 
  • New Response: Displays the most recent update to the field or Related Item. 
  • Date/Time Updated: Displays the date and time of the update to the field or Related Item. 
  • Updated By: Displays the email address of the user who updated the record.
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