How to create SCORM Transfer courses

Once you have successfully created your course via the Fusion Course Creation tool, you can then proceed to export this course from the MyCompliance platform as a SCORM Transfer course.

  • Navigate to Learning > SCORM Transfer, and click Create.



  • On the 'Course' tab, enter the name and description of the SCORM Transfer Course into the SCORM Name & SCORM Description.
  • Add Keywords if required.
  • Assign a relevant Category to the SCORM Transfer Course.
  • If you wish to use the course for testing purposes, then check the 'Test SCORM Transfer' option. (By doing this, you will not use a Transfer from your Subscription, and the course can be tested in an alternative LMS by up to 20 users.)
  • Take note of your remaining SCORM Transfers, and then move to the 'Type' tab.


  • If your default LMS has not been selected, then search for this in the drop-down, and select the relevant system. If your 3rd Party LMS is not available, speak to your MetaCompliance Representative to get this added.
  • Next, locate the Fusion Course from the drop-down that you want to export from MyCompliance.
  • Course languages will default to the languages that you selected during the Fusion Course creation process.
  • To finalise, select the 'Publish and Create SCORM' option.

Your course will now begin to export and, once ready, this will be available via your 'Downloads' folder.

  • You can now proceed to upload the SCORM Transfer course to your LMS.


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