DSAR Register Management - How do I rename registers and tabs?

To begin, navigate to Tools > Privacy > DSAR > Register Management, and click on Edit beside the relevant register. 

1. Renaming Registers

  • To rename a register, click the 'Rename Register' button at the top-right of the page:


  • Edit the text in the 'Register Name' field (max 30 characters), then click Save & Close
  • Click the green 'Save Register' button (top or bottom-right of page) to ensure your changes take effect. 


2. Renaming Tabs

  • To rename a register tab, select the 'Rename Tabs' option: 


  • A list of the available tabs in the register will appear, and clicking on any of these tab names will allow the existing text to be updated. 
  • Once updated, click the blue 'Tick' icon, followed by Save & Close
  • Again, before leaving the page, remember to click the green 'Save Register' button (top or bottom-right) to ensure your changes have taken effect. 


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