How does the DSAR timer work?

The DSAR timer helps with managing and prioritising which requests should be actioned first. 

Once a request has been raised, the 30-day countdown timer will start. 


Stop & Start Timer

If required, Administrators have options to stop and re-start the timer; for example, if they are waiting on further information from the requester, the timer may need to be stopped until they receive that information.


Timer Calculations

The 30-day countdown will calculate from the date the request was received - not the date it was created in the platform.  


Timer Extensions

Requests can be extended, if required, by clicking the 'Extend' button on the top banner.


  • Once clicked, a pop-up window will appear that will allow Admins to pick the new date that the request should be extended to, along with an option to add an extension reason. 
  • If required, further extensions can be added (or deadlines reduced) alongside the ability to view the notes of previous extensions.


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