What happens when I complete a DSAR?

When you set the Request Status to 'Completed', there are 2 possible ways the Handover document(s) can be delivered to the requester. 


1. If the request was submitted via the DSAR web form, and the 'Request Status' has been set to 'Completed' as above, the requester will automatically receive an email with a link to view the DSAR status along with access to the Handover attachments.


  • Clicking on the 'View Request' button will navigate the requester to a secure web page to download the Handover information.


2. If a DSAR has been added directly via the register, and not via the web form, Administrators will need to send the Handover information to the requester outside of the platform. Typically, the documents are sent to the requester by the same method the DSAR was raised, i.e. email, post, social media or secure transfer. 

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