What is 'Subject Access Request Reporting'?

Subject Access Request Reporting provides customers with the ability to build their own in-depth reports using the data within the Data Subject Request Registers.

Customers can search, filter, show/hide or move columns, as well as show links between the records within each of the registers.

  • To generate the report, select your main register as Subject Access Requests, then click the 'Show Table' button.


  • To customise the report, click on the 'Show/Hide' columns button, and select the relevant register fields that you want to be included in the report.
  • Tip: You can search for fields in this pop-out by holding Ctrl+F on your keyboard and searching for the name within your web browser.


  • Click away from the pop-out to return to the main report. 
  • You can reorder the fields by clicking and dragging the column heading to the relevant position.

Once a report has been created, it can be saved for quick access by entering the report name and clicking Save.  The report can be exported in Excel should you require it to be produced for internal review, or if it has been requested by an auditor or regulator.


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