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MetaCompliance Outlook Web Phish Reporter – Uninstall/Install Guide

Uninstallation Instructions

If you have a previous version of the MetaCompliance Phish plugin installed, follow the steps below to uninstall this before proceeding with the new version.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Show all.
  3. Next, choose Integrated apps.
  4. Select the existing Report a Phish plugin, and then choose Remove app.



Installation Instructions

O365 Global Administrators can install the Outlook Web add-in following the below steps.

  • Navigate to Settings>Integrated Apps:

  • Within the 'Integrated apps' area, select the Upload custom apps option:

  • Select Upload manifest file (.xml) from device, and upload the MetaCompliance manifest file supplied by the MetaCompliance Support Team:

  • Then, select Entire Organization within the 'Add Users' area, and click Next:

  • Now review the App Permissions and Capabilities, and click Next once you are happy to proceed:

  • Finally, select Finish Deployment to complete the process and roll the OWA plugin out to all relevant users:

Note - It may take up to 24 hours for all users to receive access to the OWA plugin.