Platform Overview Reports

The Module Overview reports are available for Policy, Survey, Course and Phish. These reports help Administrators to view, at a glance, the overall adoption levels for all content whilst also enabling these for export from the platform.

All reports can be located under Reporting; select the relevant Module, and then select Overview.

Policy, Survey & Course Overview

The Policy, Survey and Course Overview reports will provide a comprehensive list of all content, showcasing the corresponding completion levels for each item. Users can easily identify content that has been fully completed, as well as items that necessitate further review and discussion with managers or end users.

The Summary table will exclusively display data for active users within your organisation.

Phish Overview Reports

The Phish Overview report provides a comprehensive list of all simulated phishing attempts along with their respective activity levels. With a quick glance, users can easily identify phish instances that have garnered opens, clicks, data entries, QR scans, opened attachments, or have been reported.

The Summary table will exclusively display data for active users within your organisation.

View Audits

On all reports, you also have the ability to View Audits for the selected content. This means that you can view the full details of those users who have either completed or not completed their assigned content, or view users who have interacted with simulated phish.

These reports can be filtered and refined, as required, and they will also indicate if a user is an Active or Inactive employee.


  • There is an extensive number of fields that can be added to this report by selecting Column Visibility.




Export Audits

An export can be requested for each module on a weekly basis via the Platform Overview reports; for example, if an export is requested on a Saturday, the next export will be available the following Saturday.

The requested export will contain all information regarding targeted users for all Published and Archived content.

  • You can filter this export by content type:

  • If you have filtered the export, it will be this filtered export that is available to download for the next week. 

Export Data

The full export will contain all columns & fields that are currently available within the ‘View Audits’ section of this report. This will enable you to filter and refine the information output within your exported report.

Export Frequency

Full exports are restricted to once a week for each module; for example, if you request an export on a Friday, the system will create your export and enable this for download from the platform.

The requested export will also be saved to the platform with an assigned expiration of 7 days. This means that any other Administrators can also download this export if required.

On the following Friday, or thereafter, you will be able to request a new export where the same guidelines will again apply.

Export Limit

Platform Overview exports are capped at 700,000 rows. If you require data over this value, we recommend that you to either filter the export by Mandatory or Optional content, or that you utilise the Customer API

Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you require further information on this service.

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