Privacy Assessment - What is the difference in adding Register-type questions compared to Assessment-type questions?

Register-type Questions

When adding a register-type question, a pre-created register field will need to exist within a register before it can be added to an assessment. 

In most cases, it is advised that customers use a register-type question, especially if you want the responses provided in this question to feed into a register record, which can then be reported on within Privacy Reporting. 

Register-type questions can also populate some reports within the Privacy Dashboard and can have rules set against using the Rulebase feature. 


Assessment-type Questions

Assessment-type questions can be quickly added to assessments as they don't need to have a pre-created register field to link to. 

Assessment-type questions are mostly used if customers have no requirement to report on the data within a register or Register Reporting, i.e. Yes/No dependent questions, or which do not require the responses to the question to trigger rules via the Rulebase feature. 


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