How do I view the Privacy Dashboard?

To begin, navigate to Privacy > Dashboard where you will be presented with 6 reports that provide a bird's-eye view of the data within your registers. 

Please see below an overview of the reports available.

  1. Processing Activities by Status: The overall Processing Activities in the register along with their status, i.e. Active, Planned & Retired.
  2. Sensitive Data Types: The most used Data Types across your processes.
  3. Number of Risks and Severity Per Program: The number of risks per program, alongside their severity - V. High, High, Medium and Low.
  4. Risk by Severity: Risks by severity (V. High, High, Medium and Low) across the whole organisation.
  5. Top 10 Most Used Business Systems: Shows the most used Business Systems across all processes.
  6. Processing Activities used by Department: Shows which department holds the most Processing Activities.


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