3. Rulebase - How do I add a Rulebase Trigger?

Trigger Options allow you to select a trigger that will prompt which Rules are to be run.

  • Once you are in the 'edit' view of your rule, click on Trigger Options - top-left banner.


A pop-up model will appear that will allow you to select one of the trigger options below for the Rule. 

  • After Assessment Approval (Default Trigger Logic): the Rules will be triggered for all assessments.
  • After Single Assessment Approval: the Rules will only be applied against responses provided in a particular assessment.
    • If 'After Assessment Approval' has been selected, you will be asked to select a particular assessment. 
  • Every Night: the Rule will be triggered on a nightly basis at 2am. (This will apply for responses provided either via an assessment or added directly into a register.)
  • Once a Week: the Rule will be triggered on a weekly basis.


  • Once you have selected the relevant trigger type, click on the green 'Update' button. 
  • Remember to save any changes by clicking on the green 'Save' button on the top-right banner. 

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