2. Rulebase - How to create an Action

To create an Action, click the green 'Add Action' button. 

  • You will now be able to select an Action (either 'Create' or 'Send'), then an Object. 
  • If you select 'Create' as your Action, the objects available to select from are 'Register - Risk' and 'Register - Task'.


  • Selecting either 'Risk' or 'Task' as the Object will open up an 'edit' button to customise the Record - should it be triggered by the Rule.


Several Actions can be set for one Rule.

  • To add another Action, click the green 'Add Action' button again. 
    • If 'Send' is selected as the Action, 'Email' will be available within the Object drop-down for selection. You will be asked for an 'Email subject' and 'Email Recipient'
    • Please note: Only one email address per Action. If multiple email addresses are required, please add more Actions.
  • Next, within the email body, enter the relevant text that you wish to send to the email recipient. 


  • Before leaving the web page, remember to save your Rule by clicking the green 'Save' button (top-right banner). 

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