How to create Categories

Categories are designed to help Administrators define and structure content on the platform. These must be created before you create your content, as it is mandatory to assign categories to Policies, Surveys, Courses and Phish during the Creation stage.

There are default categories available on the platform, or you can create your own.

Default Categories

Default categories contain a suggested structure for the ISO 27001, PCI DSS & NIST standards.

These are turned off by default; however, you can easily enable/disable these by navigating to Settings > Categories and selecting enable next to your required standard.


Add/Edit Categories

Alternatively, you can create your own categories to suit your required structure.

  1. To add a Category: Click on Add Category, then enter the Category Name.


  1. To edit a Category: Select the category you wish to edit; click on Edit Category, then edit the category name.


  1. To add a Sub-Category: Click on the category you wish to add the sub-category to; click on Add Sub-Category, and enter the category name.

  2. To delete a Category: Select the category you wish to delete, and click on Delete Category. (A category can only be deleted if there has been no content assigned.)



  • Categories are also visible to end users on the MyCompliance home page; these can be used to filter and review assigned content.


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