Once submitted, how do I review Privacy Assessments?

To review Privacy Assessments, you initially need to be added as a reviewer of a program.

Once you have been added as a reviewer of a program, and a respondent submits an assessment within the program for which you are the reviewer, the following email will be sent to your inbox: 'A Privacy Assessment has been Submitted for Review'. 

The respondent, and name of the assessment submitted, will be included in the email to allow reviewers to easily identify the assessment which is ready for review.


Note: Existing customers, who have already customised their Review Email template before January 2022, will not be able to avail of the latest Review Email template. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to access the latest version. 

  • Upon clicking the 'Review Privacy Assessment' button in the email, you will be navigated directly to the assessment that has been submitted.
    • Reviewers will have the ability to make changes to any of the responses alongside answering any questions that are specifically for the reviewer to answer.
  • By clicking the 'cogwheel' icon beside a question, reviewers will have the ability, within this view, to (a) review the responses provided; (b) see question explanations & attachments; and (c) comment on responses to the assessment:


  • If you click on Comments, a pop-out window will then appear, allowing you (the Reviewer) to enter and submit questions to the respondent. (Note: The respondent will not be notified of the comments until the assessment has been sent back.)


Once you have finished reviewing the Privacy Assessment, you have 2 options, i.e. Send Back or Approve.

1. Send Back

This will reset the Privacy Assessment's status back to 'In Progress', and an email will be sent to the respondent notifying them that the assessment has been sent back. 

Once a Privacy Assessment has been sent back, it will then be removed from your 'Privacy Reviews' tile until the respondent makes any changes (if required) and resubmits the assessment again. 

The steps above can then be repeated if required.

2. Approve 

This will mark the Privacy Assessment as 'Completed' and is typically selected when the reviewer has accepted the responses provided.

  • Clicking the 'Approval Options' button will allow reviewers to send an approval email (or can approve the assessment without an email), along with a custom message to the respondent. 

  • Once approved, Privacy Assessments can be sent back to the respondents to be reviewed again at any stage; this can typically happen on an annual basis.
  • To see all Privacy Assessments that need to be reviewed, access the 'Privacy Reviews' tile that can be found within the end-user homepage: see below. This tile is only visible for reviewers. 


  • A list of outstanding Privacy Assessments will be listed for review.
  • To review a Privacy Assessment, click the 'View' button to the right of the assessment. You will then be navigated into the submitted assessment.


  • You will now be able to see any completed (Approved) Privacy Assessments under Step 2 of the relevant program. (Note: You may need increased permissions to access programs.) 
  • Step 2 of the program will also show the status of other Privacy Assessments as 'In Progress', 'In Review' or 'Completed'.
  • Privacy Reviews can also be undertaken from Step 2 of a program, as long as you have been assigned as a reviewer for the program.



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