What does 'Generate a template' do?

'Generate a template' enhances MetaCompliance's admin usability by generating a recommended course based of several filters. This feature is available only for Premium Plus customers.

  • To use 'Generate a template', navigate to Learning > Fusion Template Creation > Generate a template.
  • To generate a course, select the Risk Topic, Template Intensity and Languages that you require your course to be generated in.

  • Template based on the 3 filters below:
    • Risk Category - a selection of 12 risk categories. Each category is linked. 
    • Course Intensity - select what length you require the course to be.
      • Low - at least 1 Nano
      • Medium - at least 2 Nanos
      • High - at least 3 Nanos
  • Language - allows for a selection of languages for courses to be generated in.
  • Once you have selected the filters, click the 'Generate Template' button.
    • A course template will then be generated based on the filters applied.
    • You can then customise the course further by adding more learning elements.
  • Click Save as Draft if you want to save your progress.
    • Draft versions of your generated course can be found within Learning > Fusion Template Creation > Drafts. Click on View to continue customising.
  • Once you are happy with your course, click on the 'Finish' button to create a template.
    • The course will then be available within Learning > Fusion Template Creation > Your Drafts.

Tip: Remember to update the course name and description before finishing the course.

Please note: At the moment, there is no option to delete generated templates.

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