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How to use Bulk Select Targets

A 'Bulk Select Users' button can be found within the 'Target' tab of the Policy, Survey, Learning, Phish and Campaign modules. This feature can be used to automatically select users for targeting, rather than having to individually tick each user.

  • Clicking on this button will present an area onto which you can either upload a spreadsheet or drag and drop a file that should contain a list of email addresses of those users who require bulk targeting. 

Before uploading your spreadsheet, please view the guidelines below.

  • Enter EmailAddress (with no spaces) as the header into Cell A1.
  • Enter the user email addresses into Column A. (1 email address per cell.)

  • Users included in the spreadsheet must be added to the platform.
  • Bulk select targets will only be available for content that is in a Create State.
  • Do not navigate away from the webpage while the upload is in progress.
  • Once the content has been published, bulk selection of targets will be not be available.
  • If you require new joiners to be targeted with content after using bulk select targets, please ensure to select the top-level group(s) after upload.

Now, click the 'Select Targets' button and click Confirm to bulk select your users.

Tip: Please ensure your spreadsheet file is closed before uploading, otherwise an error message will appear.

  • Having uploaded your spreadsheet, a loading screen may appear for a period of time - depending on the number of email addresses added.
  • Once targeted, a green Success notice will appear to inform you that the users have been successfully bulk selected.
  • For each user that exists on the spreadsheet, you will see a green tick beside their name within the targeting area.

  • If any errors exist on your spreadsheet, a red Alert banner will display with a link to review the errors. 

  • Clicking on the 'review these errors' link will open a window to provide an overview of the errors, along with the type of error and on which line on the spreadsheet that they exist.

Errors can exist for:

  1. Users that do not exist on the platform
  2. Invalid emails
  3. Duplicate emails

  • Once errors have been fixed, upload your spreadsheet again to bulk select your users.

Please note: Bulk selection of targets is only available for content that is in a Create State.