How 'Session Timeout' works

To enable session management, please navigate to Settings > Company Edit > System Settings > Set Session Timeout Period.


Setting Session Timeout Period

By default, the setting will display 'No Session Timeout', which means that Session Timeout is disabled.

  • To enable Session Timeout, you need to select the period of inactivity before which users are automatically logged out. Timeout duration ranges from 30 minutes to 8 hours.

Privileged Users

Platform administrators can configure the Session Timeout duration based on the nature of the users, i.e. privileged users or all users.

If the 'Privileged Users Only' setting has been enabled, it will only automatically sign out those users with increased platform permissions, such as Admins, Business Users and User Management Admins. This means that your end users will not be impacted by Session Timeout, providing them with a better user experience when completing content while, at the same time, allowing your privileged users to have the increased security of the Session Timeout feature. 

Automatic Logout

If you're not clicking, typing, or scrolling within the platform web pages, the timer restarts.

Once the inactivity period is reached, the platform will present a 1-minute warning before you are automatically signed out. This means you will need to log in again to resume your session.

Please Note: If you have multiple MyCompliance browser tabs open (within the same web browser), and one of them is inactive, this will also automatically log the users out. 

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