What is 'Session Timeout'?

Session Timeout is a security measure designed to protect your organisation's digital presence.

Imagine your interaction with the MyCompliance platform as a conversation. The session begins when you arrive, and ends when you leave. Session Timeout is like an automatic "goodbye" that's triggered if you take a break and leave the website idle for too long. 

What are the benefits of using Session Timeout?

1. Security Safeguard

  • The primary purpose of Session Timeout is to enhance security when accessing the platform. When you're inactive for a specified duration, the website will automatically log you out to prevent unauthorised access.

2. Protecting Sensitive Information

  • If you're logged in, and step away from your computer or device without logging out, your session could be vulnerable. Session Timeout acts as a safety net, closing the session to protect your sensitive information.

3. Mitigating Risks

  • In the world of cyber security, leaving sessions open poses a risk. It could potentially lead to unauthorised access, especially on shared devices. Session Timeout helps mitigate this risk by closing the door after a set period of inactivity. 

Please note: Session Timeout will only apply for users who log in directly to the the MyCompliance platform. It will not apply to those users who complete content via other delivery methods, such as:

  • Direct Access (no user login required)
  • Teams App
  • MetaEngage Client
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