How do I add 'Contributors' to a Privacy Assessment?

The 'Contributors' button allows the main assessment creators to invite other users to help with the completion of the assessment.

For example, if the main assigned creator/respondent needed help with answering some questions in the assessment, they would be able to add a contributor who would then receive an email (and an optional message) with a link to access the assessment.

  • Clicking on the 'Contributors' button will allow you to see any existing contributors. You will also have an option of adding a new contributor by clicking Add Contributor

Once clicked, a second screen will appear asking you:

  • to enter the email address of the contributor;
  • whether you would like to send an email notification to the contributor;
  • whether you would like to enter a message to the contributor (optional).

  • Selecting Add Contributor and Send Email will result in the new contributor receiving the email below.
  • Clicking on View Assessment will navigate the user to the relevant assessment to add their contributions. 

  • The 'Add Contributor and Send Email' template can be customised within Settings > Notifications > Email Templates.
    • Simply search for the word 'Contributor' within the 'Choose Template' field. 

  • Please note: The 'Add Contributor' button is only available for the main assessment creators and/or respondents. Reviewers and nominated contributors cannot add new contributors.
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