How does the Privacy Assessment Report work?

The Privacy Assessment Report will display the questions and answers that have been asked within a Privacy Assessment. Unlike the Register Report, the questions in the Assessment Report will be displayed in the same order as they appear within the Privacy Assessment. 

  • To load the report, select your Master Register, then the relevant Assessment template, and click Show Report.

  • The first 9 columns of the report will display auto-populated information related to the assessment, such as the ID, Name, Status, Program and Reviewers. 

  • Scrolling to the right of the report will display the list of questions that have been included in the assessment.
    • The question number will be displayed at the beginning of each question.
    • Each column will have an option to filter the responses if required. 

  • To export the Assessment Report to a spreadsheet, use the Excel or CSV buttons. (To ensure a successful download, please ensure pop-up blockers are enabled for the website.) 

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