Can users report suspicious emails from a Shared Mailbox?

Yes, if you have enabled the relevant setting for the OWA MetaCompliance 'Phish Mail' plugin ('EnableSharedMailbox'), users can report emails from a Shared Mailbox.


This functionality is available to the OWA version of the MetaCompliance phish plugin.

To utilise this setting, the Shared Mailbox must be added to the user's Outlook profile as an additional account, and the user must also have delegated the 'send as' permission on the Shared Mailbox. 


The Shared Mailbox update will require additional permissions to be enabled within your Office 365 Admin Centre. These include 'Mail.ReadWrite.Shared' and 'Mail.Send.Shared'.

Outlook via Web 

Accessing a mailbox via the ‘Open another mailbox’ option on the web is not supported.

Outlook via Mobile

Accessing a mailbox via the ‘Add Shared Mailbox’ option on mobile is not supported.


If you have already rolled out the 'Phish Mail' plugin to your users, a new plugin will be required to utilise this setting; please speak with our Support team to arrange this update.

If you are not currently utilising the phish plugin, and are interested in this functionality, then please speak with your MetaCompliance representative, and ensure the 'EnableShareMailbox' setting is set to 'true'.

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