Changes to MetaPrivacy if moving from Email-based users to Azure AD Provisioning/SCIM

If you decide to change your user provisioning method from Email-based to Azure AD/SCIM, there are some changes to MetaPrivacy that need to be considered before choosing this method. 

1. Removal of Organisational Structure 

The Organisational Structure is only used to enable customers to assign Privacy Assessments to users and is created manually by admins to target email-based users.

If you decide to provision your users as Azure AD/SCIM users, the Organisational Structure feature will be removed and replaced with an alternative method to search and assign your SCIM users with Privacy Assessments.


2. Removal of Policy & Learning Steps within Programs

Policy & Learning steps within Privacy Programs will also be removed. Over time, we are planning to phase out the Policy & Learning steps in Privacy Programs across all user provisioning methods based on customer feedback and low usage.


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