Does deleting a User Group affect targeting?

If content has been targeted to a User Group, deleting this group will have an impact on the outstanding content.


  • Within Policies in Progress/Learning in Progress, an admin will no longer have visibility over who was assigned the content. 
  • Content assigned to a User Group, and due to Recur on Anniversary, will no longer recur. 
  • The content will no longer appear in the Overview or Adoption Reports
  • Completed audits will still be available in the Audit Report.
  • Admins will be able to Update Target to deliver the content to a new audience if needed. 

End Users 

  • If a user was assigned the content as a group member before the group was deleted, they will no longer be able to complete this content.
  • If a user has already completed the content, they will still have access to the content via their own MyCompliance Library. 
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