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  • Mark Verschuur created an article,

    What Happens if I Remove Course Targets?

    If you remove the target from a user, it will alter the report to no longer include this user. It also means that the user won’t receive any further course notifications.

  • Mark Verschuur created an article,

    Why Should I Use a Custom 'From Address' for Content Notifications?

    The benefit of utilising the Custom From Address for content notifications is that it greatly aids in overall adoption and engagement of your released content. It achieves a positive reception from...

  • Mark Verschuur created an article,

    Which 'From Address' Can I Use for Content Notifications?

    You are able to change the 'From address' from our to an address of your choosing, as long as the domain is owned by your organisation. If you wish to change this, pleas...

  • Mark Verschuur created an article,

    How can I add or remove the 'Viewer Discretion Advised' tile within Teams?

    You can choose to either make the tile available within your Teams Integration or to remove it altogether.  You can achieve this by navigating to Settings > Company Edit > System Settings and to...

  • Mark Verschuur created an article,

    How to Catch Up on a Scheduled Webcast

    If you have missed one of our monthly Webcasts, there is no need to worry! Simply, go to our YouTube Channel where you will find all of our previous Webcasts.  Search the list of content, and selec...

  • Mark Verschuur created an article,

    As an admin user, where can I find the 'Cyber Police' series within the platform?

    Once City Factory Productions content has been purchased and allocated within your tenant, you will then have two options available to preview the content as an Admin user. Option 1 Navigate to Le...

  • Mark Verschuur created an article,

    Best practice when creating Content Notification Templates

    When releasing new content to end users, and availing of Email Notifications, you should consider the following. 1. Have you included a specific date/time for completion within the Notification tem...

  • Mark Verschuur created an article,

    Outdated/Old email notifications being received by end users

    If you have end users who are receiving an outdated email notification for a Learning course or policy etc., it is most likely that they have been added to receive a previously released piece of co...

  • Mark Verschuur created an article,

    Is the Report Phish Notification Editable?

    The Report Phish notification will contain the message initially agreed upon by you and the MetaCompliance Support Team. (Depending on the type of plugin you have chosen, you will have completed a ...

  • Mark Verschuur created an article,

    Can a course name be displayed in multiple languages?

    In short, the answer to this is 'no', but please see the explanation below. Upon creating your course, you will be prompted to give it a course name which you will enter in your chosen language at ...