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  • Is it possible to get a report about Platform usage?

    If you wish to look at a report on Platform usage, you should first click on Reporting on the left-hand navigation panel. Next, select Usage. Click on Usage Metric to show the following informatio...

  • How do I find an Uncompliant User Report?

    You can access which users have outstanding content to complete via the relevant Report.  To find this, take the following steps: Click on Reporting on the left-hand side panel. Select Usage follo...

  • How to bulk upload policies

    If you wish to bulk upload your policies to the platform, this can be done by selecting the 'Bulk Policy Creation' tile: Next, select the file/folder that houses your policies, and drag & drop th...

  • How to create optional policies to view in Playbook

    In order to create optional policies to view in Playbook, you first need to follow the first 3 steps within Policy Creation, i.e. Policy, Response Options, and Categories. Please refer to article ...

  • How do I customise Reporting?

    If you would like to customise the fields within Reporting, you can use the 'Column Visibility' button that will allow you to amend the fields within the report you wish to see.  From here, you a...

  • How can I check the type of device used to open a phish?

    You are able to check the device-type used to open a phish, e.g. mobile, iPad or desktop etc., by first accessing Reporting on the left-hand side panel.  Click on Phish followed by Phish Device Re...

  • How can I check how many User Licences I have used?

    To check how many licences you are using: Go to User Management on the left-hand side of the platform. Click on Users, (see below):  On the top right-hand side of User Management page, you will...

  • Campaign Time Zones Explained

    When sending out content through a Campaign, it is important to remember that Campaigns work off a time zone of UTC+00:00.  To remind you of this, the following 'Warning!' banner is shown within th...

  • Allowlisting (Whitelisting) in Gmail Workspace or Gmail Apps

    Add MetaCompliance IP addresses to Email Allowlist Log in to and select Apps. Select Google Workspace followed by Gmail. Select Spam, Phishing and Malware. Note that this ...

  • MetaEngage - How do I send a Course to end users?

    To send a course via MetaEngage, you first need to navigate to Products > Learning > Course. Select the 'Type' tab: Check the 'Mandatory' option: Tick Send to MetaEngage:   Note: Only Fusi...