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  • How to identify and address False Positives

    If you are running a phishing campaign and see results that are unusual, you may be experiencing false clicks. Below are some of the common reasons for False Positives as well as some tips for hand...

  • Allowlisting (Whitelisting) in Proofpoint

    Allowlisting in Proofpoint Essentials When you're ready to allowlist in Proofpoint Essentials, follow the below instructions. These were obtained from Proofpoint's Safelisting Addresses article. N...

  • Can I restrict a user to content only for 'reviewing' purposes?

    There may be a scenario where you wish to grant a user permission to review the eLearning content on the platform, without giving them access to any other area of the tool.  To do this, you will n...

  • Safe Link Bypass Rule

    To set up a mail flow rule to bypass Safe link processing: Create a new mail flow rule in your Microsoft 365 Exchange admin center. Give the rule a name such as 'Bypass Safe Links'. Click Mor...

  • Allowlisting (Whitelisting) in Mimecast

    Anti-Spoofing Policy Follow the steps below to allow MetaCompliance, on your behalf, to send emails appearing to come from an email address at your domain. Log on to your Mimecast Administration C...

  • CISCO Allowlisting (Whitelisting)

    Within the Cisco Admin console, navigate to Mail Policies. Click Host Access Table.  Then, HAT Overview.  Check that InboundMail is selected. Add Sender Group: Name this as you wish, and then ch...

  • Why is a user being redirected to the Login page? (Federated)

    There can be various reasons why users are unable to log in; however, as an admin, there are some checks that can be completed to ascertain the cause behind this. Is the user visible from the Use...

  • Why am I unable to ‘Copy HTML’ on a phish Learning Experience?

    Some of our HTML Learning Experiences can be copied by the user in order to allow them to make changes as per their requirements. However, others cannot be edited and will show the following Warnin...

  • Will removing a SCIM group affect the users on the platform?

    When removing a SCIM group, there are 2 points to consider: If you remove the group, and the users within the group are provisioned to the platform solely from this group, they will be marked as '...

  • Editing a Data Entry Form in a phishing simulation

    When building a phishing simulation, you may wish to record whether the targeted users are a potential risk to your organisation; this can be done by submitting sensitive information via a Data Ent...