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  • Jamie McCormick created an article,

    Safe Attachments Bypass Rule

    Below are the steps to set up a mail flow rule to bypass Safe Attachments Processing. Create a new mail flow rule in your Microsoft 365 Exchange Admin Center. Give the rule a name, e.g. Bypass Saf...

  • Jamie McCormick created an article,

    When are the weekly 'Uncompliant Users' admin emails sent out?

    The weekly admin emails are triggered every Friday at 16.00 UTC.  The email will only be triggered to Administrators if there are users within your company who have been sent their Final Reminder ...

  • Jamie McCormick created an article,

    When are the monthly Supervisor Emails sent out?

    The monthly Supervisor emails are triggered on the first Monday of every month, at 07:00 UTC.  In order that these emails are sent to Supervisors, the following parameters have to be met: If users...

  • Jamie McCormick created an article,

    Forcepoint - Allowlisting (Whitelisting) by IP Address in Antispam

    Log in to your Forcepoint account. Within Forcepoint, navigate to the 'Antispam' tab. Click on Allowlist these addresses. Click Add to add a new entry. Enter our IP addresses, shown here in the 'A...

  • Jamie McCormick created an article,

    Exchange and Outlook Automatic Image Download Policies

    If you are having issues with MetaCompliance phishing emails not being recorded as 'open', this could be due to the automatic downloading of images being disabled within Exchange and Outlook. Your ...

  • Jamie McCormick created an article,

    How to configure O365 Advanced Delivery for phishing simulations

    1. Configure Advanced Delivery To ensure mail is successfully delivered to your users in an Office 365 environment, please follow this guide. As an O365 Security admin, navigate to https://securit...

  • Jamie McCormick created an article,

    How to prevent 'False Positives' from the Microsoft Report Phishing add-in

    The Microsoft Report Phishing add-in has been known to generate multiple false clicks against the MetaCompliance phish email, caused by scans when the email has been reported.  Applying the Advance...