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  • Can I increase storage within the platform for custom content?

    If you have uploaded a lot of custom content in PDF, MP3 or MP4 format, you may receive one of the following error messages:  Contact your Customer Success Manager (or our Support team), and we w...

  • Can I unarchive an archived phish?

    No, it is not possible to Unarchive a phish. Archiving is permanent, and will result in the phish being stopped immediately, with no further emails being sent.  However, those who have already rece...

  • Can I unarchive an archived Course?

    No, it is not possible to either republish or access a Course that has been archived. Archiving is permanent, and results in targeted users losing access to archived content.  However, if you wish ...

  • Email-based users: Renaming a User Group

    You can rename a User Group at any time, and this will not impact any previously targeted content.  Navigate to User Management > User Groups: Check the box of the Group you wish to edit, and c...

  • Can I unarchive an archived Policy?

    No, it is not possible to unarchive a policy. Archiving is permanent. Users who have already completed the now archived content will still be able to view the policy. However, users who have not co...

  • Email-based Users: How to remove a user from a Group

    For email-based users, including Federated users, all user management is completed within your tenant. (See articles What is an 'Email-based User'? and What is a 'Federated User'? for further infor...

  • Can I change the Campaign delivery schedule for new joiners?

    No - it is not currently possible to change the planned delivery dates of already published content for new joiners to a Campaign.  When a new joiner is added to a Campaign, they will receive the f...

  • Email-based Users - How to amend an end user's email address

    Log in to the MyCompliance platform, and toggle from End User View to Admin View.  Next, navigate to User Management>Users:  Enter the relevant user name into the Search bar. (Note that the ...

  • How to create a Policy in multiple languages

    To create a policy in multiple languages, follow all steps within article How to create a Policy and add a separate section for each language.  Section 1 (below) will automatically appear for you...

  • Does deleting a User Group affect targeting?

    If content has been targeted to a User Group, deleting this group will have an impact on the outstanding content. Admins Within Policies in Progress/Learning in Progress, an admin will no longer h...