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  • Allowlisting in Avanan for Microsoft 365

    To whitelist MetaCompliance in Microsoft 365, you will need to create a mail flow rule in the Exchange Admin Center. This rule will look for our IPs and add a header that lets Avanan know that the ...

  • Office 365 Spam Bypass Rule

    Below are the steps to set up a mail flow rule to bypass Spam filtering. Create a new mail flow rule in your Microsoft 365 Exchange Admin Center. Give the rule a name, e.g. Spam bypass. Click Add...

  • Allowlisting for Proofpoint Phish Report Button

    Add MetaCompliance to the Safelist in the PhishAlarm Settings. See below:  

  • Allowlisting (Whitelisting) in Fortinet's FortiGate

    Fortinet's FortiGate web filter can be configured to allow access to our phish simulations and landing pages. Allowlisting by Static URL Filter You can allow access to our phish and landing domains...

  • Campaign Targeting

    When a group/user is targeted to a Campaign, they are targeted to all of the content within that. When a user stops a step in a Campaign, we must keep those targets enabled, as we still want them t...

  • Allowlisting (Whitelisting) in Barracuda

    If you are using Barracuda's Email Security Service (cloud-based), follow these steps to allowlist Barracuda by IP address. Log in to your Barracuda Cloud Control. Go to Email Security > Inbound...

  • How to allowlist (whitelist) in Trend Micro

    Allowlisting by domain in Trend Micro The allowlisting process is broken down into 5 sections, with each having its own steps for configuration that must be completed to allowlist successfully. 1. ...

  • What happens when an Incident is reported?

    When an Incident has been reported via the MyCompliance homepage, an email from will be sent to all admins on the platform, as well as to selected Business Users - depen...

  • Main API

    The Main API is used to get customer usage data from the MyCompliance portal. GetCompanyUsage – GETUsed to get customer's overall usage data. Example: $url = "