New Phish Templates - November 2022

Localised 'Bank' Phish Templates 

To help users learn how to avoid clicking on hidden links, we have created a batch of brand new phish templates that impersonate various banks.

The templates mimic the sense of urgency commonly used by cybercriminals in this type of phishing email, by informing the end user that their account has been locked.

There are 22 templates available in multiple languages (see bottom of article) - each one fully localised for the target territory and each with an accompanying Red Flags Learning Experience

These are available on November 28th.

To find them, simply select your language and search by typing in '- Locked Account'.


Below are more translated phish templates which will be available soon:


  • JIRA Message
  • Google Drive - File Share
  • Zoom Meeting
  • End-of-Year Office Party - HR

The above will be available on November 25th, each with an accompanying Red Flags Learning Experience.

To locate them, simply search for the names listed above. 


Available Languages


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