Cyber Police: Education through storytelling

Engagement in Education

In 2015, a young boy from New York noticed that a girl in his class was having difficulty breathing. As he approached her, he realised that she was choking. Without hesitation, he immediately performed a Heimlich Manoeuvre and dislodged a piece of apple. Everyone praised his quick thinking, and asked where he had learned this life-saving technique. His answer? The children's television show 'SpongeBob SquarePants'.

There are many stories of this kind, but they all have one thing in common – the viewer was sufficiently engaged with content to retain a key piece of information. And that’s important.

When it comes to training, learning and development, professionals talk a lot about engagement. Engagement when learning; engagement when participating; engagement when performing. Engagement, engagement, engagement!

Really what they mean is, ‘How long can I keep your attention so you can absorb the information you need to learn, and then use it when needed?’

Cyber Security is Challenging

Here’s the bottom line... Understanding the dangers posed by cyber crime is extremely important! We know that the consequences of a cyber attack are potentially far-reaching and devastating for organisations.

We also know this: cyber security is a challenging topic. This is unfortunate because, when it comes to defending against cyber attacks, humans are the weakest link in the security chain, and simultaneously the most important.

We need to be made aware of the threats, consistently and repeatedly. Not only so that we can understand what they are, but how they present themselves in the context of our job and personal life. We need to be aware of the threats so we can protect our customers, our organisation, our colleagues, ourselves and our families.

However, with this bombardment of information, comes the risk of user fatigue. How do we make sure that everyone is armed with the appropriate knowledge in a way that they can digest?

The Solution - Entertainment, Engagement, Education

And this is where MetaCompliance comes in.

Our content is designed to meet a learner's need for engagement. You turn up, we’ll keep your attention.

With Cyber Police, we’ve taken this level of engagement even further. We have created something which wouldn’t look out of place on Netflix or Disney+. It allows learners to immerse themselves in a world filled with drama and suspense, where a specialised law enforcement organisation is locked in battle with cybercriminals.

It’s a live-action drama. It’s a police procedural. And each episode has an educational payload, explaining how criminals use a range of techniques to exploit the weakest link - humans.

Based on real-life incidents, these episodes have been designed to reel the learner in emotionally. They’ll want to immediately watch the next episode. The cyber security concepts will be socialised, as learners will want to talk about it with their colleagues. It will generate a buzz throughout your organisation.

This is not incidental learning, or even learning by stealth. This is the use of tried-and-tested adult learning techniques to promote the understanding of cyber security threats, risks and consequences. It’s designed in a way which allows the learner to know they are learning. It also demonstrates relevance and context by showing them how everyday actions can have serious outcomes.

Critically, it attains high levels of engagement through which key cyber security points can be retained, helping to protect everyone from the threat of a cyber attack.

Cyber Police, by MetaCompliance

Coming January 16th, 2023 for our Premium Plus Customers

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