Content Creation: How to upload your own Content

To begin the process of uploading your own Content, you should first ensure that you are in Admin View.

  • Next, navigate to Learning > Content Creation where this screen will open: 


  • Select the file type you wish to upload: MP4, MP3 or PDF.
  • Ensure all fields have been completed before uploading.
  • Click Upload (top-right).

Once submitted, your Content will be available to add to your course through Fusion Template Creation. 

  • The recommended upload limit is 500 MB; exceeding this may cause the upload to fail.
  • To upload content in multiple languages, please ensure that the details for each are identical where applicable. The following fields must be the same: Name, Participation Points and Categories.
  • When using the image must be no bigger than 1192px x 678px.
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