MyCompliance 10.0 - User Experience Changes

Release Date - 29th October, 2022

We are making further adjustments on MyCompliance to enhance user experience, as we feel that these updates are important in helping you with your daily tasks within the platform.

Overall, they will provide a more seamless experience for both Admins and end users.

Below is a summary of the upcoming changes. (All updates are expected to be released to the MyCompliance platform in October, 2022.)

  • Clicking the MyCompliance logo (top-left corner) will now direct you back to the homepage. This replaces both the Admin Home and Home links for all users.


  • Homepage Switch: Admins can now quickly switch between the 'Admin' homepage and the 'End User' homepage when required, as opposed to using two links on the navigation menu.


  • The Create New pages for Phish, Course, Policy & Survey have all been updated with a new view which will enable you to work more easily through the page; the layout of all forms has been updated to a more linear flow. This has been done to reduce cognitive load and speed up completion.


  • The Navigation Menu has been restructured to provide quick access to all areas. Each product has now been assigned its own place on the menu, with the relevant actions listed below.


  • The Site Footer which contained quick links to 'What's New?', 'Coming Soon', 'FAQs' and 'Help and Support' has been removed, and all relevant links are moved to the navigation bar or the User drop-down.


  • 'Help and Support' has been renamed to Knowledge Base and moved to the left navigation menu. Admins can continue to use this method to review our Knowledge Base and raise any required Support Tickets.


  • Access to the 'Coming Soon' panel has been moved to the User drop-down for all Admins.


  • The font used across the full site has been enhanced to provide increased contrast for improved legibility and accessibility.


  • Our Search Bar has moved from the side navigation menu to the top panel.


  • Access to the Compliance Library has been moved to the End User View for both Admins and end users. This helps to separate the administrative tasks from the end user task of completing assigned content.


  • For an interactive tour of the key enhancements, click TAKE A TOUR¬†below.


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